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IguanaCube Features


Faster than light

Why wait for your timelapse preview? IguanaLapse delivers live timelapse previews to your iPad/iPhone screen while shooting is still in progress! And yes, of course you can share it online.

Never touch it again

Control virtually all capture settings without even touching your camera. From aperture, ISO and exposure time to controlling image sizes or focus. All from your iPad.

Catch the holy grail

Day-to-night timelapse transitions made easy. Keyframe-based bulb ramping, integrated light meter and smart exposure history analysis are all available while you shoot. Most advanced techniques became as easy as never before.

Wireless freedom

No more cables hassle. IguanaLapse application connects wirelessly to your DSLR via IguanaBox.

Impossible made easy

If you’re a timelapse veteran, we got something for you. With SequencePlanner, CaptureNodes and GlobalEvents you’ll be able to prepare and execute timelapse sequences that were never possible before.

Easy made easier

Starting with timelapse? With IguanaLapse setting up basic timelapse sequences is quick and easy. Just set your exposure settings, interval, hit start and watch the results while camera is shooting.


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    • original

      IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle


      IguanaMill Shutter Release Dongle allows you to remotely control your compatible DSLR or digital camera using IguanaLapse app for iPad and iPhone.

    • original

      IguanaMill Shutter Release Cable


      IguanaMill Shutter Release Cable allows you to connect your DSLR and other compatible digital cameras to IguanaMill Dongle for remote control of your camera using IguanaLapse and Iguana DSLR Remote applications for iOS.

    • original



      IguanaCube enables full wireless remote control of DSLR and digital cameras from iPad and iPhone via dedicated IguanaLapse application for the iOS. This product is not available yet and estimated shipping date is late 2013.

      This product is currently unavailable. Please check back later